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Letgo Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service - Cumbria

Letgo Service:

Leading Light accredited service providing a range of services to individuals experiencing domestic abuse, regardless of age, sexual orientation or gender. Qualified staff co-ordinate support and interventions to enhance safety for people meeting the referral criteria for the service.

Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs)

Crisis intervention, risk assessment, safety planning for survivors. Support with criminal justice and civil legal processes, target hardening, sanctuary scheme, relocation out of area, safeguarding children, liaison with agencies on their behalf, onward referral and signposting to appropriate support services as required.

Practical assistance with housing, welfare benefits, debt management, social networks. Signposting and referral onwards to specialist agencies as required.

Let go Safespace

accommodation: A range of communal accommodation with personalised planning to assist Women and their children to make positive choices about their future. 11 units.

Safe House accommodation:

Located across north and south Cumbria with personalised planning to assist Men or Women to make positive choices about their future. 8 units.

Accomodation Affiliated to Women's Aid

Housing referrals accepted from any area of the UK, subject to availability.     


Cumbria Domestic Violence Champions Network:

Letgo also provide free specialist training to enhance practitioner skills and knowledge across universal services. Improving access to information countywide for people experiencing domestic abuse at all levels of risk.


For more details on becoming a champion for your organisation please visit Letgo's webpages, call 01228 633640 or email



County Telephone numbers

North Letgo 01228 633640



Including safe house accommodation


West Letgo 01900 842991/2


South Letgo 01229 582386


Including safe house accommodation


Let go Safespace: 01228 591995 or via the Supporting People website/Central Access Point (CAP), Refuges Online and Womensaid Goldbook.


Monday- Friday:




If you are reviewing these pages because you are seeking support, please remember to clear your internet history, as your abuser may be monitoring this.



















Who to contact


Other Details


Age Ranges
16 +
Referral Details


  • High-risk cases of domestic violence (assessed using the CAADA-DASH Risk Indicator Checklist or RIC).
  • Medium or Standard risk cases of domestic violence where physical assault has occurred and a prosecution is proceeding through the Specialist Domestic Violence Court.





  • Medium risk cases of domestic violence (assessed using the CAADA-DASH Risk Indicator Checklist or RIC).




  • Women 16+ including children; fleeing domestic abuse and requiring safe accommodation. Accepted from anywhere in the UK.



Safe Houses:


  • Women and men 16+ including children, fleeing domestic abuse and requiring safe accommodation. Accepted from any are of the UK.


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