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Resources and Information from the Preparation for Adulthood Virtual Fair 2021

We hope you enjoyed this year's Fair and found it useful. 

We know in Cumbria that the process of preparation for adulthood has not always gone well for young people with SEND. Improving that experience is an aim of the county's SEND Improvement programme .  Putting together Virtual Fairs is one of the things we are doing to improve the experience. We are committed to learning from all our events and will continue to engage with parents, carers and young people.

Don't forget you can contact us at any time through the Local Offer at

  1. Did you enjoy this year's Fair?

    Thank you for taking part in the Fair. So that we can continue to develop and improve our Fairs, we would welcome your feedback. Please complete our short feedback survey.

  2. Resources

    Information, useful links, videos, webinar presentations, contact details from the Fair Providers.

  3. Route Planner

    Downloadable Route Planner and a Walk-through video explaining how the planner works.

What is preparation for adulthood?

The process leading up to a young person's move from school into adult life is referred to as preparation for adulthood, or sometimes 'transition'. It is essential that the voice of the young person and their family is heard and they are at the centre of planning for their future. Above all, the aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for each young person and to maximise their independence, choice and control equitably across the county within available resources.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a time of celebration, change and challenges for all young people between 13 and 25 years old. Careful planning of process is key to helping all young people make decisions about their future: about their career, their continuing education, their social life and where they might like to live. Having access to timely and comprehensive information, advice and guidance can be useful to help them reach their goals.

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