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Cumbria Support Groups

Cumbria Local Parent & Family Support Groups

Parent & Family support groups are a great way to meet other parents & families for practical and emotional support. The groups listed in the 'related services' on the right-hand side are run by local parents and carers of children with additional needs.  

SEND Alliance Cumbria (SENDAC) - Cumbria's Parent Carer Forum

Not only are there several support groups around the County, we also have a statutory parent carer forum.

The forum work in co-production with Cumbria County Council, NHS Trust, and with other professional bodies that provide SEND services.

All the members of SENDAC are parent/family carers themselves and SENDAC is run on a volunteer basis to improve the services and ensure that parent/family carers feel listened to and valued by the professional bodies, and to work in co-production with them to improve SEND provisions across the County.

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