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Autism - Individual Programmes

As each child/young person with autism is unique, it is vital to ensure that their individual learning style is taken into account when adapting the curriculum, making resources and selecting appropriate programmes and interventions.

Following assessments of a child / young person, the Specialist Advisory Teacher will sometimes recommend that a specific intervention programme be undertaken. The team's Specialist HLTA's are able to support school staff with the implementation of programmes and will also deliver specific programmes in a variety of settings. 

The implementation of some programmes may require the child/young person and staff member to have regular access to a quiet space away from the classroom.

Specialist Advisory Teachers and Specialist HLTA's will advise and support schools with implementing a bespoke curriculum when necessary and also advise on the use of an individual workstation.

The interventions and approaches included in this section is not an exhaustive list, nor intended as a recommendation of any particular approach. Their inclusion is to provide information about interventions you may have heard about or may be introduced to in discussion by other professionals or parents. Where possible we have included links to relevant websites.

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