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What you Asked and What We Did

Parent Consultation and Contribution to the Local Offer

Cumbria's Local Offer is continually developing and your feedback is important to help us shape the future delivery.  We aim to be approachable, transparent and constructive to make sure that all views are acknowledged and considered.

The feedback and comments we have received are recorded below, along with our response and subsequent actions.

If you would like to provide feedback with regards to the services on offer in Cumbria, the information we provide or general views on Cumbria's Local Offer website please contact us.  Your views are important.

Your Feedback: 

What you asked for

Where it is

Upload a short paragraph explaining what Cumbra's SEND Local Offer is.

This is now on the Home Page of the Local Offer

Create a dedicated SEND Local Offer Facebook account

Cumbria's SEND Local Offer Facebook page

Put the Support Groups webpage on the home page

Cumbria's SEND Local Offer Home page

Create a Crisis Support webpage

Cumbria's SEND Local Offer Home page

New Short Break webpages and how to apply

Short Breaks

New SEND Citizen Portal - secure online resource
allowing parents, carers and young people to provide
input into EHCPs.

SEND Citizen Portal

Preparation for Adulthood Virtual Fairs

These take place twice a year, one face to face and one virtually.

SEND eNewsletters

These are issued approximnately every 6 weeks.

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