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SEND Performance Management and Quality Assurance Framework (PMQAF)

The Cumbria (Special Educational Needs and Disability) SEND Improvement Partnership brings together all the agencies and organisations which provide SEND support and services for children, young people and their parents and carers in the County. 

The Partnership has a clear vision for the future, with high aspirations for the quality of services and a commitment to improve.  Following the Ofsted inspection of SEND provision in Cumbria in 2019, the Partnership is heading up an improvement journey and this Performance Management and Quality Assurance Framework (PMQAF) will tell us how we know the quality of our services is improving.  The Partnership’s vision for how we are going to improve our services is laid down in the Written Statement of Action  (WSoA) written in response to Ofsted’s findings on the inspection. 

This framework shows how we are aiming to achieve greater consistency and improve the quality of our services.  We will be learning from our feedback, addressing the issues raised and celebrating good practice.  There will be a phased approach to improving quality building over the next 12 to 18 months.  As the system matures, our approach to improving quality will evolve and will be used to formulate our self assessment.


The purpose of the SEND Performance Management and Quality Assurance (PMQA) Framework is to help us deliver continuous improvement in the quality of services delivered by partners for children and young people with SEND, by knowing ourselves better and having evidence of the impact of what we do and to make our current arrangements around PMQA more effective. The SEND PMQAF has been developed to: 

  • Ensure children and young people’s outcomes are improved.
  • Provide an assurance for parents and carers that we have the right systems in place.
  • Ensure partners meet statutory requirements.
  • Ensure consistency of practice and access to services.
  • Identify and share good practice.
  • Provide evidence of effective partnership working. 

This enables us to know that what we are doing is supporting better outcomes for children, young people and families in Cumbria.

Read more about the framework [PDF 631KB]

Appendices to the framework

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