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Children's Occupational Therapy Service

We help children and young people with physical difficulties do the things that they want and need to be able to do.  We will support children and young people to achieve their goals so they can join in everyday activities such as dressing, holding a pencil and accessing their environments.  We take into consideration the Person, their Environment and their Occupations (everyday activities) which all impact on each other.

The video below gives a brief introduction to our service and some ideas of how you can implement simple strategies into education environments.

Does my child need an Occupational Therapy Assessment?  If they:

  • Are 0 to 18 years old (or 19 if still in full time education)
  • Have a GP in Cumbria
  • Are having difficulty participating in activities that they want and need to do due to a physical difficulty such as dressing, play activities, accessing learning activities? 

Have a look at the advice sheets on the interactive tiles below and our video, Creating Positive Learning Environments, above and have a go at the relevant suggestions. We ask you to try these first before contacting the service or while you are waiting for your child or young person to be seen as you may identify actions you can take straight away to help. If the young person is still having difficulties then please use our referral form [WORD 443KB] or if you are not sure and would like to discuss this further then please contact your local therapy team [PDF 125KB].

The referral should be made by the person who knows the child/young person the best and what it is that they are having difficulty with. This is often a parent or teacher but could also be another health or social care professional or the young person themselves. 

We are not able to accept referrals requesting specific assessments where there is no indication of any physical difficulty taking part in occupations for example sensory assessments. However, we have produced a sensory processing training video and you can find further information and ideas on the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde website.

  1. Self Care and Personal Hygiene

  2. Play and Leisure

  3. Schools and Learning

  4. General Development

  5. Taking Part in Activities

  6. At Home

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