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Physical Medical Difficulties - Training

SEND Teaching Support Team: Physical Medical Difficulties, provide advice and training on meeting the individual needs of children and young people with physical medical needs in schools from Year 1 to Year 13.

Training can be delivered in a number of ways:

  • To whole staff as part of Inset days or staff meetings

  • To school clusters or consortiums

  • To a range of staff from a number of different schools and settings.

Training offered by SEND TST: Physical Medical Difficulties includes:

  • Whole day training covering a range of conditions and providing general strategies on the inclusion of children and young people with physical medical difficulties in a mainstream school.

  • Shorter training delivered over two to three hours. This is more specific training focusing on particular conditions or aspect of learning for children and young people with physical medical conditions. These include; Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Acquired Brain Injury and others. Please see links below for further details

Depending on need, some training would be provided as part of the child's support package and some training may be over and above this and need to be paid for. See "useful links" below, for Cumbria Traded Services up to date information.

Some children and young people with specific medical conditions such as epilepsy or who have a gastrostomy tube fitted may require medical intervention during their time at school. Training on how to manage such interventions can be delivered by health professionals such as school nurse, community nurse or specialist nurse.

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