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Physical Medical Difficulties - Schools Resources and Information

A child's physical and/or medical difficulties may arise from:

  • A congenital condition
  • A medically diagnosed condition
  • Injury

Some children or young people with physical disabilities may also have sensory impairments and/or learning difficulties

Such difficulties may, without action by the school or the LA, limit the child or young person's access to the National Curriculum and appropriate education. 

The prime purpose of all intervention/support must be to focus on maximising independence.

The main questions to be asked and answered in determining provision for pupils with physical/medical difficulties are:

  • Has the pupil got full access to learning and the curriculum?
  • Does the pupil require support with self-care and/or mobility?
  • Has the pupil been consulted about the provision to be made to meet their needs?
  • Has due consideration been given to the self-esteem/dignity of the pupil?

Support and Advice

School staff may benefit from support and advice to enable the child or young person to be fully included in all areas of school life. This can be provided by the SEND Teaching Support Team and/or the Health Service. It is the responsibility of schools to ensure a co-ordinated approach, involving both Health and Children's Service's professionals, is maintained through regular joint planning meetings.

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