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How to Access and Use the SEND Citizen Portal

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The SEND Citizen Portal is a secure online resource which allows parents, carers and young people to provide input into the Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) as well as view documents shared by the Local Authority.

  1. Register and/or Sign In to the SEND Citizen Portal

    [This link will take you to the Portal]

  2. How to complete Section A [PDF 247KB]

    [Download our guide]

  3. SEND Citizen Portal Registration Instructions [PDF 726KB]

    Please also take a look at the walk-through video below which will help you navigate your way around the new system.

Who will use the SEND Citizen Portal?

  • Parents and carers
  • A young person over the age of 16

What can you do via the SEND Citizen Portal?

  • Check the current status and track progress of an Education, Health and Care Plan assessment
  • Complete Section A
  • View the Education, Health and Care Plan
  • View Annual Review documents 

Register and Access the SEND Citizen Portal

We would like your help to improve our services. If an EHCP has been issued, please could you take a few minutes to complete this online questionnaire.

The video below has been created to help you navigate your way around the new system:

If you require a printed version of the EHC Plan, please contact the SEND Service by email:

Carlisle & Eden:

Allerdale & Copeland:

Barrow & South Lakeland:

Frequently asked questions

What information is on the SEND Citizen Portal?
For new assessments you will be able to see assessment information and the Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) should one be issued.  For children and young people with an existing EHCP you will be able to see the current EHCP and going forward documentation relating to Annual Reviews. 

Who has access to the SEND Citizen Portal and my child’s information?
The SEND Service has access to your child’s information.  The SEND Service can control who can see the SEND information about a child or young person via the portal. Each parent, carer or young person will require authentication.  Required authentication is decided upon on a case by case basis. 

I have already used the Citizen Portal to make school applications, do I need to set up another account?
No. Once it has been enabled, the SEND tile will appear in existing accounts. 

I have more than one child, would I need to set up an account for each child?
No. You can add multiple children under the same account.  You can add each child after selecting the SEND tile. 

How safe is it?
When you sign up for the SEND Citizen Portal, you will be required to set up Two Factor Authentication which provides a high level of security.  Two factor authentication means that when you log into the Citizen Portal, you will need your password and a unique code that will be sent to your email address (you may need to check in your junk email folder, as the email may end up there). Every time you log in, you will be sent a different code.  You need both your password and the unique code to log in.

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