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Physical Medical Difficulties - Assessment Tools

When a child or young person has a physical disability or specific medical need, they will already have undergone assessments undertaken by Health professionals to identify their individual needs. The information gathered from these assessments will be used by the school provision as a starting point to tailor individual access and inclusion needs. The information passed to school may be in the form of medical reports, recommendations from occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists etc.

Once the child or young person arrives in school, further assessment may be undertaken by education specialists. For example specific assessment could be used if a child is showing difficulty with handwriting. This may help identify a pupil's underlying strengths and needs in particular areas related to fine motor abilities (eye-hand coordination). Similar assessments can be carried out in relation to gross motor difficulties which could then be used to inform necessary differentiation In PE.

The young person may also require further cognitive testing of associated learning difficulties. This assessment would be carried out by an Educational Psychologist.

Ongoing assessment will be carried out by school staff through the use of P.Scales, PIVATS or another recognised assessment tool, to highlight the child or young person's strengths, needs and potential. Information gained from this formative assessment can be used when discussing and devising the next steps to be targeted through the child or young person's Individual Educational Plan.


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