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Mobility vehicles, car adaptations and equipment for children and young people with SEND

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If you are unable to use a standard car due to your needs, you could:

  • get a specialist vehicle
  • have a car adapted
  • get equipment for your car

Mobility Vehicles

If your needs make it hard for you to get about, and you receive a benefit for this, you can get a vehicle from Motability. You can use your benefit to lease a vehicle such as a car, mobility scooter or powered wheelchair. You will pay for the lease of the vehicle, but it will not belong to you. If you stop receiving your benefit for any reason, you will have to return the vehicle.

See if you can join the Motability scheme and find out more​.

Adaptations and equipment

Contact Driving Mobility to find out about vehicle adaptations and equipment.

Can I get help with the cost of driving?

To help with the costs, you may be able to get:​

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