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Children's Speech and Language Therapy Services

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Attention and Listening

Please click on the headings above to access further information and resources. 

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Team work with children aged 0-19. We can help you support your child's speech, language and communication development.  We can also help you support your child if they are having eating or drinking difficulties. 

Your child may be having difficulties with: 

  • early communication skills including making eye contact, pointing, babbling, responding to you
  • learning and remembering new words
  • learning new sounds
  • joining words together to form sentences
  • understanding what people say to them
  • interacting with others
  • stammering
  • voice quality
  • using alternative and augmentative communication (hi and low tech AAC)
  • eating and drinking

The Communication Pyramid above shows the different areas of speech, language and communication development.

Children and young people are developing their skills in all areas at the same time. Skills at lower levels support skills further up the pyramid.

A child or young person may need support in one area or across levels.

  1. Parents Information and Resources

  2. Professionals Information and Resources

  3. Training

    Information coming soon!

More useful links

NAS – National Autistic Society offers support and advice for children, young people and adults with Autism.  This support covers a wide range of aspects including education, communication and transition.  The Earlybird courses that run across Cumbria are developed with NAS.  You can visit their website or YouTube channel.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hanen is a not for profit charitable organisation. They support families of children with Autism to develop communication skills. Their ‘Helpful info’ section has lots of tips and ideas for parents and links to helpful articles and YouTube videos.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

BookTrust, has lots of tips to encourage young readers and free e-books you can use on their website.

I CAN, Ages and Stages helps you track your child’s progress with some more helpful strategies you can try at home. 

The Literacy Trust has lots of useful information to support bilingual and multilingual children. They have advice sheets translated into multiple languages.

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