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Moving into School

Starting school can be an exciting time for children as they learn to cope with a wide variety of new experiences and demands.  For children with special educational needs and disabilities this sometimes may have extra challenges.  It is helpful for the child if their routines are kept as normal as possible throughout the transition.

There are several things which can be done to help your child adapt to starting primary school for example:

  • Transition visits to the school for you and your child, an opportunity to meet their new teacher and support staff and to discuss any concerns you may have.  The teacher may offer to visit your child in their nursery or pre-school to get to know them in the child's more familiar surroundings.  They will be able to help both you and your child cope with the changes.  The school will be able to work with you to discuss and arrange any additional support your child may need.
  • Some schools (not all) also offer a settling in period in the September when your child starts school by offering for the first week or so either a morning or an afternoon session rather than the whole day, but again you would need to check with your chosen school to find out exactly what their procedures are.
  • Transition book - with the help of your child's new teacher build up a collection of photographs of the new school and the daily routine to share with them at home.

To view a list of Schools please go to our Education section.

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