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Local Offer Guidance for Settings

To assist settings to develop their Local Offer, each establishment may wish to use the downloadable prompt as responses to the questions.  The responses should be able to relate to parents/carers and young people especially in relation to participation, clarity of language and information about where to go and get further advice and guidance.

Each setting will need to publish their Local Offer on their website and it would be useful in terms of accessibility for all SEND information to be held under one heading to make it easy for both parents, carers and young people to find the information they are looking for.

Most settings will only need to move information around into one central area and organise it into specific zones, including any out of setting activities to enhance their Local Offer provision.

It is important that settings involve parents, carers and young people in the design and content when developing their Local Offer including a review process and feedback facility for people to leave comments on their web page.

Each setting should also provide a link to the Local Authorities’ Local Offer and via versa to make it easy for families to navigate around the various systems.

This is not an exhaustive list, but will provide the prompts you need to start the process and as you work with parents and children, you may find this list increase to enable you to continue to develop your Local Offer.

To ensure that parents have access to the Local Authority's Local Offer website, it is advisable for settings to have that direct link, which is: Cumbria's Local Offer

In turn the Local Authority will have links to all settings who currently have websites to speed up access for parents who may wish to view what is available to the settings’ Local Offer of services.

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