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BVI - Information for Children and Young People

There are many ideas for resources and materials on the RNIB website, as well as links to other sites. The following links show ideas for classroom resources and ideas for parents and carers. Some links show the variety of assistive technology available and how iPads can be used effectively with children and young people who have a vision impairment.

Braille resources for schools; Assitive technology; iPads and tablets; early years resources for parents, carers and settings; guidance on teaching and learning for parents and teachers; playtime and toys and load2learn:

National Voluntary Organisations

Note: Some of these websites do not have obvious children and young people sections.

By contacting the organisations directly you may be able to establish what they offer children and young people. 

RNIB suggest that 'children' or 'young people' is put into the search function

Look National Federation for Families with Vision Impaired Children:

British Blind

Disability Snow

Disability Sports

The Outlook which organise some Windermere based activities)

Emotional Support and Careers Advice

The RNIB offer telephone counselling and careers advice to young people. Contact the RNIB for further details: 

Other useful link for adult life:


Bitesize is the name given to the BBC's free online study support resource for school-age students in the United Kingdom. It is designed to aid students in both school work and, for older students, exams.  Bitesize is available on a variety of platforms including the web and mobile phones. gives students practice in different subjects along with fun educational games


Load2 learn is a resource for students who have difficulty with print reading difficulties or vision impairment. There is also an image library of clear diagrams which are accessibly written. You can sign up as individuals for use at home. Note the copyright clause before you download books. There are some videos of students using technology in effective ways:

Books for Children and Young People

Living Paintings is a charity that publishes Touch to See books that bring the visual world to life for blind and partially sighted children and adults.

Their unique books are available FREE from their nationwide postal library:

Further Books for Children and Young People

Books can be obtained in different formats: large print, e books or Braille.


2.     A postal library of children's accessible books -

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