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Special Educational Needs - English as an Additional Language - School Information and Resources

Advanced EAL Learners

Title Date Size
Guided Writing Units EAL  07/01/2014    2MB
Working with Advanced Learners of EAL   08/06/2020 4MB

Early Years

Title Date Size
2D Shapes (Comic) 03/05/2019         96.4KB   
2D Shapes (Gothic) 03/05/2019 115KB
Body Parts (Comic) 03/05/2019 154KB
Body Parts (Gothic) Teacher 24/06/2020 466KB
Classroom Objects (Comic) 03/05/2019 167KB
Classroom Objects (Gothic) 03/05/2019 183KB
Colours (Comic) 03/05/2019 87.7KB
Colours (Gothic) 03/05/2019 95.6KB
Developing Good EAL Practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage Toolkit for Self-Evaluation    19/10/2022 4.7MB
EYFS Supporting Equality and Diversity 18/08/2017 4.3MB

   Title    Date    Size
   Fish Counting Rhyme                                                                                                          12/07/2016       70k
   French - Days of the Week    12/07/2016    13k
   French - Phrases    12/07/2016    15k
   German - Numbers    12/07/2016    32k
   Hindi - Numbers    12/07/2016    106k
   Large Teaching Resource    12/07/2016    585k
   Polish - Colours    12/07/2016    42k
   Spanish - Days of the Week       12/07/2016    13k
   Teaching Resource 1    12/07/2016    1466k   
   Teaching Resource 2    12/07/2016    390k

Holidays in Term Time

Title Date Size
Holidays in Term Time Letter English 21/01/2013 92.8KB

Home Languages

  Questionnaire for Parents                                             Date Size
  Arabic - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 248KB
  Bulgarian - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 289KB
  Cantonese - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 181KB
  English Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 209KB
  Hungarian - Parent Leaflet                                             04/09/2019 212KB
  Latvian - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 397KB
  Lithuanian - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 293KB
  Mandarin - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 177KB
  Nepali- Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 212KB
  Polish - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 297KB
  Portuguese - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 209KB
  Romanian - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 292KB
  Slovakian - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 298KB
  Thai - Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 269KB
  Turkish Parent Leaflet   04/09/2019 294KB


Title                                                                                  Date Size
Bengali - Dual Language Parent Leaflet   28/11/2012 622KB
Chinese (Simplified) - Dual Language Parent Leaflet           28/11/2012 129KB
Use of Home Languages in School   08/06/2020 167KB

  Sharing Songs and Rhymes in Your Own Language    Date       Size
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Bengali 17/06/2020  595KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Chinese 17/06/2020 527KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - English 17/06/2020 467KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Hungarian 17/06/2020 542KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Latvian 17/06/2020 592KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Lithuanian 17/06/2020 479KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Polish 24/06/2020 466KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Portuguese 17/06/2020 454KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Romanian 17/06/2020 454KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Thai 17/06/2020 613KB
  Sharing Songs and Rhymes - Nepali 17/06/2020 470KB

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Title Date Size
General Information Regarding Refugees in Cumbria  04/10/2022  1MB 
Guidance for Teachers on Stress and Traums 02/11/2022 1,791MB
How to Talk to Children About Conflict and War 02/11/2022 681KB
Trauma Advice for Ukraine Parents 02/11/2022 1,082MB
Trauma Advice for English Parents 02/11/2022 1,063MB
Trauma Advice for Russian Parents 02/11/2022 1,082KB
Helping children arriving from Ukraine to manage their relations with people in the new context    02/11/2022 214KB
Some considerations to be aware of when working with children from Ukraine 02/11/2022 212KB
What is involved in providing language support for children arriving from Ukraine? 02/11/2022 239KB
Handling initial meetings with children arriving from Ukraine 02/11/2022 228KB
Finding out about the language profiles of children arriving from Ukraine 02/11/2022 258KB
Getting children arriving from Ukraine to talk about themselves 02/11/2022 204KB
Helping children arriving from Ukraine to adjust to their new situation 02/11/2022 195KB
Helping children arriving from Ukraine to adjust to the language in which school subjects are taught    02/11/2022 183KB
Planning language support activities in the community 02/11/2022 673KB

Useful Links:

Bell Foundation Parental Involvement

Education Transitions for Young Refugees and Assylum Seekers in the UK

Ukraine Resources for Schools and Families - Information of Using Immersive Reader on Microsoft Edge to Translate Pages and Using PowerPoint Live to Support Pupils in Class

Sources of General Information About Homes for the Ukraine Scheme

Ukraine Welcome Pack

Online Learning

International Ukrainian School

New Arrivals



Title Date Size
Art (Polish) 03/05/2019 355KB
Drama (Polish) 03/05/2019 345KB
English (Polish) 03/05/2019 364KB
English as an Additional Language    03/05/2019 125KB
Geography (Polish) 03/05/2019 407KB
History (Polish) 03/05/2019 414KB
ICT (Polish) 03/05/2019 320KB
KS3 Art EAL 02/10/2015 1,399KB
KS3 DT EAL 02/10/2015 1,497KB
KS3 English EAL 02/10/2015 1,700KB
KS3 Geography EAL 02/10/2015 1,252KB
KS3 History for EAL 02/10/2015 1,805KB
KS3 ICT EAL 02/10/2015 1,252KB
KS3 Maths for EAL 02/10/2015 1,709KB
KS3 Music EAL 02/10/2015 2MB
KS3 PE EAL 02/10/2015 1,910KB
KS3 RE EAL 02/10/2015 1,385KB
KS3 Science for EAL 02/10/2015 1,810KB
Maths (Polish) 03/05/2019 347KB
New Arrivals Support Pack 03/05/2019 3MB
Resistant Materials 03/05/2019 250KB
Science (Polish) 03/05/2019 451KB
Technical Dictioinary English - Polish    03/05/2019 1,415KB
Technology (Polish) 03/05/2019 275KB

Special Educational Needs and EAL

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