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Referral Guidance

What to do before referring

Before sending a referral we expect that steps have already been taken to solve the problem.  Below is some helpful information: 

These are links to a range of resources to help your child participate in their everyday activities. We ask you to try these first before contacting the service or while you are waiting for your child or young person to be seen as you may identify actions you can take straight away to help:

The occupational therapist will take into account what has already been tried, the chronological age of the child/young person, their developmental level, the environment and the readiness for working on change.

Who can be referred and how does this happen?

To access this service the client must be:

  • Child / young person 0 to 18 years old (or up to school leaving age)


  • Registered with a GP within catchment area
  • A Cumbrian resident (only for home equipment and adaptations referrals)

Who should refer?

A referral to the children’s occupational therapy service should be made when the child / young person, family or other involved professional has a concern regarding the child’s physical ability to participate in any of the following areas: play and leisure, self care and school life. The referral should be made by the person who has the concern and knowledge about the child/ young person. This is often a parent or teacher but could also be another health or social care professional or the young person themselves.

We are not able to accept:

....... referrals requesting specific assessments where there is no indication of any physical difficulty taking part in occupations for example sensory assessments. However we have found that the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde website is very useful in giving advice to follow for children with sensory differences.  Click on the tile below to find out more: 

  Joining in with Sensory  

We have produced an education session about sensory differences on Cumbria's SEND Local Offer website.

Referrals for children and young people where the primary difficulty is related to emotional and mental health. In these cases please contact your local CAMHS service.

Referrals for home safety for children with behaviour that challenges who do not have a disability and a positive behavoural plan in place.  Please click on the tiles below for advice around behaviour which challenges and home safety: 

  The Challenging Behaviour  


  Children's Learning Disability  


  Advice for Improving Safety  
within the Home

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