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Home and Alternative Education and EOTAS

This section is designed to simply explain the basics of elective home-education and the specific role of a Local Authority (LA). It should help you to understand what happens in Cumbria to promote partnership between the LA and families who choose to provide their child(ren) with education 'otherwise' than 'by regular attendance at school'. You may already be an established home educator, with well thought-out ideas about an approach that works for your family. However, many parents have questions and sometimes doubts about how it all works.

Elective home education

The main legislation relating to home education is the 1996 Education Act, Section 7 which states:

"the parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him to receive efficient full time education suitable to:

  1. his ages, ability and aptitude and
  2. any special educational needs he may have

either by regular attendance at school or otherwise."

Parents are within their rights to educate their children at home if they so wish.

Children's Services in Cumbria would expect parents to inform the school your child is attending, in writing, that you have chosen to home educate and therefore request your child's name is removed from the school roll.  The school will then inform Children's Services.

Although the school is expected to inform us, we would still encourage you to complete a Notification of Home Education Form (HE2), which is available to download in the 'useful documents section below. 

Contact details

If you wish to discuss home education further, please contact our SEND IAS Team

Alternatively, please visit Cumbria County Council's Home Education webpage.  


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