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Working Group 4 - Preparation for Adulthood

Chair - Dan Barton

Vice Chair - Lyn Durrant

Written Statement of Action (Area 8)– Aims to improve the local area’s systems for ensuring a smooth transition between children and adult services and preparing children and young people for adulthood.

Key messages

How does this impact families?  How does it link to the Written Statement of Action (WSoA)?

The virtual Preparation for Adulthood Fair was held at the beginning of October and was very well received. Around 200 parents and carers accessed over 30 live webinars throughout the event. It was the first time we have held a virtual event like this. An evaluation of feedback from parents and the contributing organisations has been completed and we have identified a number of key learning points for next time we hold a virtual event like this.

The fair provided information for families on next steps in preparing their children and young people for adulthood, and showcased some of the options available in terms of education, work and independent living.

We have recruited new nurses in the Continuing Health Care pathway who are now in post.

The Continuing Health Care Pathway nurses will provide a single point of access to co-ordinate continuing healthcare (CHC) assessments for young people who may be eligible for this service and are moving into adult services.

In co-production with parents we are developing a Preparation for Adulthood Route Planner, which will be launched soon. More details about this will be in coming newsletters. Transition Champions will be appointed to deliver training for staff and parents on the Route Planner.

The Route Planner will provide an easy to follow pathway for families and services so everyone knows what should happen and by when. The Transition Champions will ensure everyone knows how to use the planner.

An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) interactive tool is being developed so the documents will be accessible to parents and staff online. They will be able to update information as and when required.

The tool will help ensure EHCPs are live working documents and will enable updates and changes to be logged throughout the year and not just at the annual review, although the annual review will remain the route by which official updates to the status of EHCPs occur.

We are working on a plan with the Careers Hub and local employers to improve access to employment for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

The work will increase opportunities for young people with SEND, and will increase awareness of the needs and talents of our young people with local employers.

We had the virtual film premiere of Talk to Me, a film made by and starring young people with SEND to encourage everyone to talk to them about their hopes and needs for their future as they move into adulthood. The film is powerful, uplifting and was warmly received by all.

The film provided a mechanism for young people to speak directly about what they need and want as they move into adulthood.

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