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Working Group 1 - Understanding of Local Need

Chair - Fiona Musgrave

Vice Chair - Julia Westaway

Written Statement of Action (Area 1) – Aims to develop a deep understanding of the needs of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) population in the local area.

Written Statement of Action (Area 2) – Aims to develop a clear understanding among leaders across the partnership of the strengths and weaknesses in their respective areas of responsibility.

Key message

How does this impact families? How does it link to the Written Statement of Action (WSoA)?

We have published the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Deep Dive into Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHWB) and Autism. The JSNA pulls together all the information we have about SEND across the County into 1 place and is being added to all the time as more information becomes available.

The Deep Dive has improved understanding of need, in particular focusing on improving the understanding of the lived experience of families.

Linked to this work, a parent representative on Working Group (WG) 2 spoke to a number of SEND families and produced a report on the impact of Violent and Challenging Behaviour (VCB) and the lack of services to help with this specific area of need, the findings of which was incorporated into this document. The VCB report has also been presented by the Parent Representative to several senior boards, including the Learning Disability Board and the SEND Improvement Board. The JSNA Deep Dive led to the recorded conversation on EHWB detailed in the WG5 update.

Hopefully families will now begin to see that the views and experiences they have shared in different ways and at different times are being heard by senior leaders. An action plan is now being developed by WG5 to respond to the issues raised.

We have published the Performance Management and Quality Assurance Framework (PMQAF). It creates a shared understanding of what good looks like and a consistent way of monitoring key performance measures across the County. Importantly it has been developed using feedback from children, families and staff working in SEND.

The PMQAF is enabling the system to better understand the impacts of the work we are doing and is helping us to demonstrate progress to improvement.

There has been 2 recorded conversations between parents and leaders on Mental Health and Wellbeing (MHWB) and Autism (1 in the North & 1 in the South).  More details on this in WG5's update.  

This has improved leaders understanding of families lived experiences.

WG 1 plans to do further Deep Dives of JSNA with a focus on other areas.

WG 1 has just started to review the other topics where working groups and parent carer representatives had suggested a Deep Dive JSNA might be helpful with a view to starting our next Deep Dive piece of work.

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