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Talking and Communication


BBC Tiny Happy People has lots of information and activities to help support children’s development. There’s a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram you can follow. 

Hungry Little Minds is a government funded website that has lots of ideas to support your child’s overall development at different ages.

Cumbria County Council, Time Together at Home has lots of activities you can play at home for different age groups.

The Makaton website has lots of free resources for parents. You can also access sing and sign videos on their website.

Signalong provides advice and access to free resources for parents. 

Something Special on CBeebies has ‘Join in with Justin’ signing songs, videos of more Makaton signs and printable Makaton symbols.


STAMMA, The British Stammering Association have lots of resources on their website to help you learn more about stammering including a series of videos you can watch. You can also follow them on Twitter.

Michael Palin Centre for Stammering have lots of resources and information on their website to help you learn more about stammering.

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists have an information page giving an overview of dysfluency, video clips and free resources.

Action for Stammering Children, Stambassadors is a series of videos featuring people talking about their jobs, their career and their stammer.

Selective Mutism

NHS Conditions, has a page with more information about Selective Mutism.

SMiRA, is a registered charity working with people affected by Selective Mutism. You can visit their website or follow their Facebook page.

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