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What you Asked and What We Did

Parent Consultation and Contribution to the Local Offer

Cumbria's Local Offer is continually developing and your feedback is important to help us shape the future delivery.  We aim to be approachable, transparent and constructive to make sure that all views are acknowledged and considered.

The feedback and comments we have received are recorded below, along with our response and subsequent actions.

If you would like to provide feedback with regards to the services on offer in Cumbria, the information we provide or general views on Cumbria's Local Offer website please contact us.  Your views are important.

Your Feedback: 

What you asked for

What we did

Where to find it

The South Cumbria Parent Carer Forum liked Lancashire's Local Offer Facebook page and would like Cumbria's Local Offer to be linked to them

The Facebook page has now been linked to the Short Breaks web page.
A directory record has been created so that the information can be found in the activities/shortbreaks directory section.
The link has also been sent to Cumbria's Parent Carer Forum and SEND IAS Facebook pages to upload.

No direct info on child and family assessment

The service will not be found in the directory as it is not a provider, but is found as a link under in the ‘useful links’ section of the ‘Supporting Children from Birth to Reception’ category.

Council for Disabled Children – link or no info

This has now been added to the directory and can also be found as a separate links on various pages throughout the website.

PBS or positive behaviour support – no info when searched. Suggest adding          Challenging Behaviour Foundation.

This has now bee added to the directory.

No results for PDA(Pathological Demand Avoidance).  Suggest adding PDA Society website

This has now been added to the directory.

Could not find Direct Payments

This is not a provider so will not be found in the directory of services.  This can be found as a web page.  When searching the directory, you will find the pages above the list of directory records in the ‘Related information’ section.  Please follow this link which will show this as an example.

No search results for CAMHS

 This service is listed in the directory under – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

No search results for Ofsted Inspection and Report

This will not be in the directory of services but is listed in the News section of the directory.  The News section can be found at the bottom of the Local Offer Home page.  It is also as a link on the rolling carousel pictures at the top of the Local Offer home page.

No search results for The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

This has now been added to the directory.

Unable to find information on Tourette’s

This is now located under the Health and Social Care tile in the useful links section at the bottom of the page.

Unable to find information on EHCPs.

This has its own area under the Education, Health & Care Plans tile.

Unable to find continence on the Local Offer.

This can be located in our database and can be found by searching with the word Continence.

I searched home education and nothing came up.  There are 2 local home education Facebook groups: Home Education South Lakes and Home Education Cumbria.  It would also be nice to have the links to the Elective Home Education Officer

These have now been uploaded to the website

The website is much better than it was!


The website looks old fashioned and parents had not heard of the Local Offer.  Parents find the word ‘offer’ misleading and would like the name changed to ‘Local Information’.

Emailed Parent Carer Forum to  explain that the ‘Local Offer’ name is a statutory requirement using national guidelines.  All Local Authorities must call it the Local Offer.


Unable to find  details of pre-school specialist support

The Early Years Service have contributed information about childminders who support young children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND); information about early years settings and the expectations of support in those settings; and roles of the Inclusion Co-ordinators (INCO) and Early Years Specialist Advisory Teachers; and the Specialist Advisory Teachers of the Deaf/Hearing Impaired or Blind/Visually Impaired

SEND Transport Information and Policy

This can be found under our Travel & Transport tile.

Unable to find Occupational Therapy: Speech and Language Therapy: CAMHS

In September 2014, we linked to information provided by Cumbria NHS Trust on their website. Since then we have worked with the Health Service to link to specific pages about each therapy and to their directory.

Help with Access to Colleges

We have placed specific guidance from the Council’s Further Education (post-16) Placement Process alongside other useful information.

Cumbria SEND IAS

This includes information about the support and guidance that this service provides.  Their details on located on every page of the local offer and can also be found in the directory.

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