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Working Group 3 - Engagement and Co-production

Chair - To be confirmed

Written Statement of Action (Area 4) - Aims to re-establish and strengthen parents and carers trust and faith in the local area’s work.

Written Statement of Action (Area 5) - Aims to establish and develop ways to ensure the close involvement of children, young people and their families in the co-production of the services, resources and support they need.

   Key message

   How does this impact families? How does it link to the Written Statement
   of Action (WSoA)?

  • Working group 3 has a SEND parent as Chair of the group
  • Ensures parents and carers voices are heard and influential
  • Underlines the group’s commitment to ensuring co-production
  • New parent carer forum established - SEND Alliance Cumbria
  • Ensures parents and carers have a forum to represent their views and concerns
  • Ensures parents and carers have opportunities to raise issues and be involved in coproduction of services and improvements
  • Current and on-going opportunities for engagement and co-production   
  • SEND Local Offer website continuous improvement group
  • Autism diagnostic pathway review
  • Neurodevelopmental pathway review
  • Cumbria Northumberland Tyne and Wear (CNTW) single point of access project for mental health services
  • Regular monthly questions and answer sessions for parents and carers with senior leaders on Microsoft Teams
  • Autism intensive service pilot engagement – South Cumbria
  • Completed co-produced work
  • Sensory processing workshops and service gap identification
  • Crisis support (including violent and challenging behaviour) – now available in one place on the SEND Local Offer website
  • Co-production training for early years services, including parents and carers completed
  • Regular communications
  • 6 Weekly SEND newsletters
  • Half termly SENCO newsletters
  • Half termly SEND updates to Head Teachers
  • Feed-back mechanisms
  • SEND post-box on the Local Offer website to leave feedback on all SEND services across the whole SEND partnership
  • SEND health services now on the main Health-watch website
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