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The Cumbria SENCo Network is a network of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) across Cumbria.   The network exists to:

  • enable SENCOs and colleagues to support each other;
  • build better communication between schools, colleges and the local authority and other professional services;
  • share good practice and solutions to common challenges.

The SENCO network is led by representatives from the Inclusion Service, SENDIAS and the Learning Improvement Service.

Resources from the SENCO network meetings can be found in the resources section below.

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Preparing for Adulthood: changes to EHCP requirements

We recently sent out some guidance, produced by the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTI), which aims to support families and young people by focusing conversations with them in relation to Preparation for Adulthood (PfA).

Read the NDTI guidance

The Local Authority, Health Services, Parents/Carers and other partners are in the process of developing a Cumbria Road Map for Preparation for Adulthood, which will lead to changes in the EHCP format and a better focus on planning for next steps for our children and young people with SEND.

Whilst this is in development, and ahead of implementation next Spring, we need to ensure that all of our Year 11 EHCP reviews this year before 31st March include proper evidence that PfA outcomes (Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion and Health) are being used to inform genuine pathway planning for our young people with SEND. It is critical that we do this, and an important measure of our progress in improving the lived experience of young adults in Cumbria. If we get this right, we will be addressing one of the most significant concerns that families have, and helping to create fulfilling and happy adult lives.

In the short, before changes are made to the EHCP proforma, and before training takes place in the Spring with a colleague from the NDTI, please can everyone ensure that these conversations and plans take place, and that review paperwork is submitted with clear reference to what has been discussed and agreed.

When we look to change the EHCP form in the Spring, it would be very useful indeed to hear from colleague SENCOs who are interested in collaborating on this piece of work.


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