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Supporting Children from Birth to Reception

Some children can be identified as having additional needs when they are very young.  Staff will be required to make reasonable adjustments in order to meet their learning needs.

If there are concerns about a child's development then the Early Years process should be started.  This can be done by any professional that is involved with the child:

This will be discussed at an early years panel meeting where it will be allocated to an area SENCO or a Specialist Advisory Teacher depending on the level of need.

Further information and guidance about specific needs could also be found by looking at specific pages on the Specialist SEND Support - Education page:

Specific early years information/guidance can be found in the Cumbria SEND Handbook:

For general information about early years provision: eg 2 year old funding, 30 hours provision, SEN funding, etc:

Glossary of terms/abbreviations can be found in the SEND Handbook:


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