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What to Do if Your Child has a Special Educational Need

When an additional need is identified for a child or young person, whether social, emotional, developmental or educational, an Early Help Assessment form can be started to gather information.  The emphasis is on assessing all aspects of a child or young person's strengths, needs and circumstances, developing a plan to meet identified needs and reviewing progress systematically.

If, following the assess-plan-do-review process, the setting requires support from the Learning Improvement Service or the Inclusion Service, eg: Early Years Area SENCO, Specialist Advisory Teacher or Educational Psychologist to meet the needs of the child or young person then the following should be undertaken:

  • fully complete the EHA form
  • decide on one service to request
  • gain written parent/carer consent
  • send the assessment form to the local SEND office
  • register the assessment with the Early Help Team at

Please note that if you wish to refer to Health then you will need to access the relevant health referral documentation, which can be download here. [WORD 594 KB]]

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