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Preparing for Adulthood

Is used to describe the process of moving form childhood into adult life.  It is used by professionals to describe the changes in services when a child becomes an adult.  However, this transition can happen at different times for different families.  Some families may feel their children are not ready for adulthood but that is what the transition process is for; to help build those stepping stones for young people to prepare them for the move from school or college to a successful and independent adult life, whether this is into further education, employment, supported internship/employment, training or volunteering.

During transition there will be changes in the support that is offered.  There will also be emotional changes to go through as the young person starts the journey to becoming more independent.  As well as leaving school and perhaps going to college or training, young people will be making new friends, starting new relationships, and maybe thinking about where they want to live.  These decisions and changes can be both exciting and challenging.

If a young person has a learning disability, making this transition can be even more complicated.  there may be a number of different agencies involved in supporting the transition including health, social care and education services and these will all change as the young person approaches adulthood.  In addition, these changes may happen at different times and it can be challenging to ensure that they are joined up and work together to get the best support in place to move forward effectively.

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