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Post-16 Transport

Free transport for post-16 students will only be available from Cumbria County Council in the following circumstances:

Qualifying post-16 students from 'low income' families.

Qualifying post-16 students who have a learning difficulty and/or disability.

If you would like to apply for post-16 (low income) transport, please read the post-16 transport low income criteria and then complete the post-16 transport low income application form:

Post-16 Transport Low Income Criteria (PDF 189kb)

Post-16 Transport Low Income Application Form (PDF 151kb)

If you are un-entitled to post-16 (low income) transport, please contact your school or college to see if they would be able to assist you with your transport arrangements.  Further information can be found on the Transport Policy Statements:

Post-16 Transport Policy Statement 2019-20 (PDF 2MB)

Please be aware that all pupils parents/carers and transport operators need to adhere to both the behaviour and safeguarding policies below:

Behaviour Policy (PDF 188kb)

Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk (PDF 303kb)

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