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'Out of County' Independent School Provision

The following is a list of 'out of county' independent schools that specialise in teaching students with learning disabilities: Contact Name College Address Post Code Email Telephone Number Nicola Moxon Cambian Dilston College Corbridge Contact Details NE45 5RJ 01434 632692 Pam Murphy Beaumont College…

All of Us - Young People's Forum

Who is this for?  They are for any young people who have SEND whether they have an EHCP or not.  Most young people who have attended are 11-21. So far the groups have discussed issues including: Mental Health Transport Time with friends Independence Support in…

Applying for Direct Payments

We recognise this is a difficult period for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their parents/carers). We have therefore created a frequently asked questions section in relation to direct payments.  

Benefits and Money

Find out whether your family is eligible for financial support and try Contact's benefits and grants tools. *** Please note this page links to other third party websites ***

Blind and Visually Impaired - Resource for Professionals

Difficulties with vision take many forms with widely differing implications for a pupil's education. They range from relatively minor and remediable conditions to total blindness. Some children are born blind or vision impaired whilst others lose their sight as a result of accident or illness.…

BVI - Assessment Tools

Introduction Most children and young people with a severe or profound visual impairment will usually have been identified by medical professionals and should be known to the SEND Teaching Support Team. Assessments will be selected to enable the Specialist Advisory Teacher of Children and Young…

BVI - Habilitation (Mobility)

Habilitation for children and young people with vision impairment will seek to enable the individual to be as independent, safe and confident as possible. In consultation with parents and other relevant professionals the Mobility Instructor can carry out a holistic habilitation assessment which will identify…
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