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Realtime Tutors : One to One Online Tuition for Secondary School Students

Realtime Tutors provide private tutorials for secondary school students. Tutorials are delivered online through a bespoke Virtual Classroom so anyone, anywhere, can choose and learn with a tutor who does not necessarily live in the local area. Tutorials are recorded for security and review purposes. All you need to study with your chosen tutor at a time and place that suits you and without the hassle of travel, is access to a PC or laptop and a good broadband connection

Who to contact

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0131 581 8668

Where to go


Because the service is provided online it is accessible to anyone anywhere in the UK provided they can access a PC or laptop and have a good broadband connection. the venue can therefore be wherever the user chooses!

Other Details


Age Ranges
Other notes

Realtime Tutors are interested in discussing with schools and / or education authorities programmes for making private tuition available to students from low income families at a low or no cost.

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