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West House - The Elms Residential Short Break Commissioned Provider (Allerdale)

The Elms, Short Breaks for Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities

The Elms provides short term care and support for children and young people with learning disabilities including overnight breaks, and day care. The service is operated by West House Children and Young People service. The aim of this service is to ensure that children and young people with learning disabilities and their families receive high quality, co-ordinated care which is based on assessed needs, promotes social inclusion and helps children to reach their full potential by developing life skills.

The service believes that, in line with article 14 of the Human Rights Act, all children and young people with learning disabilities are children first. They are individuals in their own right with the right to lead lives like any others, with the same opportunities and responsibilities, and the right to be treated with the same dignity and respect.

Short breaks

Short Breaks give Children and young people with disabilities the opportunity to spend time away from their main carer/ families. A short break enables parents/ carers to have a break from caring, developing positive family relationships and remain fit and healthy to enable them to provide the best care possible for their child. 

Caring for Children and Young People

The Service Aims to:

  • Promote therapeutic opportunities, increase independence and quality time for children and young people with learning disabilities and their families
  • Negotiate strategies with families which enables the child or young person to achieve growth and development potential
  • Provide evidence based care, intervention and capacity building to support children, young people and their families
  • Demonstrates effective partnerships in care within a multi- disciplinary framework
  • Reflect the concept of ordinariness for children/ young people with learning disabilities
  • Listens effectively to parents and carers to enhance the living of life for all family members

The Children Act also underpins the service delivery in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • All children/ young people should have equal access to the best care within a network of services that collaborate with each other
  • The service will be provided in a child/ young person centred environment where they are made to feel welcome, safe and secure at all times
  • Children/ young people should be informed and involved to an extent appropriate to their development and understanding and every effort will be made in order to ensure that all children/ young people are provided with the support that they need to communicate their wishes and feelings
  • Every child/ young person will have full opportunity for play, recreation and education
  • Parents will be encouraged and supported to participate in the care of their child and be empowered to participate in decisions regarding care through a process of clear communication 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Mark Swanston
Contact Position
Registered Manager
01900 605 585
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Where to go

The Elms
17 Infirmary Road
CA14 2UG

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Last updated: 16/03/2022
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