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Silent Footprints (West Cumbria)

We are a group of like-minded friends and volunteers in Cumbria, presently working within the Copeland and Allerdale areas, but with the intention to grow and cover all regions of Cumbria.

Every member of the team has experience working in community events and projects for a number of years, each in their own way. Some focusing on children and families, others within peer support, Health & Social Care or Mental Health and each member of the team brings their unique skills-set and knowledge into the staff group.

Rather than continue in our individual attempts to make things better within our community and support vulnerable people- we have joined forces in order to change things for the better in our area. By working together we aim to signpost, provide information and establish community groups, events and projects to support those in need. After all, there's always another way and no-one should give up hope.​

At its core, our aim is to support those in our community; improve community spirit, as well as psychological, social, physical and spiritual well-being, while promoting social inclusion, acceptance and community support.​

Our aim is to reduce stigma, discrimination, isolation, social exclusion and remove some of the barriers to daily life through events, projects and fundraising which enable us to meet our goals and address the needs in our area. This has led us into community projects, family work, sign language classes and support for those with mental health conditions- to name just a few!

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Last updated: 20/04/2021
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