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Mirehouse Community Centre Association

A New Autism Sensory Room has Officially Opened in Whitehaven

Members of the community and Copeland Mayor Mike Starkie attended the launch event on Friday.

They joined Ketan Fox, who cut the ribbon to the new facility at Mirehouse Community Centre.

The room has been transformed from a store room to a bright and airy sensory room thanks to the Mirehouse Matters Group.

A £1,000 donation from the GMB union has helped to turn the sensory room from an idea into reality. The room is suitable for all ages and will be open during the centre's usual opening times.

Carl said the launch event was "absolutely fantastic" and he was "really proud" of the facility.  His thanks goes to everyone who have helped with the project including his wife Louise and also Mirehouse resident Tony Pearce who has worked on the room for free-of-charge.

The Mirehouse Matter group is involved in a host of projects on the estate.  Carl said: "One of many projects we are running is a community fitness gym with boxing equipment which will be free to use at select times for Mirehouse residents.  "We are hoping to combat obesity and fitness levels as well as give the bored teenagers and young adults something to do to keep them out of trouble.''

The gym, which will be based on Meadow Road, looks set to open within the next few weeks. It has been leased to the group by Copeland Council for a peppercorn rent by Mirehouse residents who are aiming to "get the area back to its best" by forming youth clubs and sports teams and running awareness courses for the adults.

Carl Walmsley, of Mirehouse Matters, said: "I asked people what they wanted. People were crying out for a sensory room as the nearest one is in Distington." 

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Last updated: 22/12/2020
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