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Cumbria's SEND Handbook - Updated September 2020

The SEND Handbook is a public document designed to provide guidance to schools and settings, parents, professionals and children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) about how we intend to meet responsibilities for identifying and addressing SEN in Cumbria:

SEND Handbook Cover and Title [348kb]
1. Introduction and Overview [883kb]
2. Autism Spectrum Condition Criteria [596kb]
2.1 Part 4 - Autism Spectrum Condition Criteria [504kb]
3. Blind or Vision Impairment Criteria [pdf 654kb]
3.1 Part 4 - Blind or Vision Impairment [pdf 404kb]
4. Cognition and Learning Criteria [338kb]
5. Deafness and Hearing Impairment Criteria [658kb]
5.1 Part 4 - Deafness and Hearing Impairment [601kb]
6. Developmental Language Disorder Criteria [425kb]
6.1 Part 4 - Developmental Language Disorder [99kb]
7. Early Years Criteria [473kb]
7.1 Part 4 - Early Years [296kb]
8. Physical Medical Difficulties Criteria [632kb]
8.1 Part 4 Physical Medical Difficulties [412kb]
9. Post-16 Criteria [330kb]
10. Social Emotional and Mental Health Criteria [433kb]
11. Appendix 1 - Guidance for Initiating Statutory SEND Assessment [551kb] 
12. Appendix 2 - Sample Provision Map [376kb]
13. Appendix 3 - Using Part 4 Eligibility for Statutory Assessment [448kb]
14.    Appendix 4 - SEND Funding [556kb]
15. Appendix 5 - Specialist Equipment Guidance [357kb]
16. Appendix 6 - List of Abbreviations [231kb]

Please be advised that the above downloadable SEND Handbook will be re-uploaded regularly.  Therefore, please use this as a digital guide to have the most up-to-date available information. 

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