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South Whitehaven Partnership

A community based policing project to address high levels of crime and anti-social behaviour on the South Whitehaven estates, Whitehaven, Cumbria.
Whitehaven is a market town situated on the West Coast of Cumbria.Formerly a thriving port and mining area.Whitehaven has since suffered theeffects of a decline in these and their associated industries. South Whitehaven consists of five housing estates, Mirehouse East and West, Greenbank,Woodhouse and Kells, all of which are predominantly owned by the local authority Copeland Borough Council.Mirehouse West has deprived area status.

Traditionally the South Whitehaven area has always had the highest levels ofcrime and anti-social behaviour, compared with the rest of Whitehaven Borough. Previous attempts to address the problems through traditionalcommunity policing methods have failed. This has caused a Iack ofconfidence and trust in the local police. Policing of the five estates hasconsisted of `fire brigade' style policing or `quick fix' solutions to problemsas they arose.

In recent years the regeneration of the Town Centre and Harbour area has seensignificant improvements in the living environment and this has now been extended to the South Whitehaven estates in 2001. Over the next seven years£7,000,000 has been allocated to the South Whitehaven Partnership in theform of a single regeneration bid.
Whitehaven Police conducted a consultation exercise with the residents of the Mirehouse West estate, in January 2001. The aim was to identify areas, whichcould be addressed in partnership with the local communities, to improve public confidence, reduce the fear of crime and provide a sustainable long-term solution.

To achieve this outcome a multi-agency approach has been adopted. This involves the South Whitehaven Partnership, Copeland Borough Council, local schools, the local community and the Police, working together to provide a safer community.
Work carried out to date has produced some dramatic results, with regards toquality of life and living conditions in these areas. In some areas crime and youth disorder have been practically eliminated. This is measurable by reduced a number of incidents and crime reports. Increased positive feedback from local residents indicates they are now impressed with the Police response, which in itself has increased public confidence. This project is set to continue

Who to contact

01946 692616

Where to go

Whitehaven Police Station
County Police Station
Scotch Street
CA28 7NN
Last updated: 04/11/2021
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