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Health Visitor Service

Health Visitors are highly qualified Public Health Nurses who provide a supportive service for children and families under 5 years.  As part of their service they offer 5 contacts:


New Birth

6 to 8 Weeks

1 Year

2 to 21/2 Year Check

They are able to advise and support with various areas of child behaviour, their development, infant feeding and emotional wellbeing for both children and parents.  They work in a preventive way and help to stop issues escalating to they don't become problematic for the family or children within that family.  Families with childre under 5 always have anamed Health Visitor that they can ask for advice.  The work closely with other health professionals such a GPs and Speech Therapists as well as Early Years settings.

You can find your local Health Visitor by visiting their webpage.

Last updated: 28/06/2021
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