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Ready Steady Go - Transition out of Children's Services to Adults

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Transition to adult care: Ready Steady Go
Ready Steady Go is all about the transition of moving on from children’s services to adult services. The word transition describes the process of preparing, planning and moving you to adult services in a way you are happy with.

We fully understand that moving away from your regular doctors and nurses who you have been with for a long time can seem scary, but Ready Steady Go has been developed to support you and will help you feel happier and more confident about the move.

  1. Parent or Guardian/Carer

  2. Health Care Professional

  3. Ready Steady Go Programmes

What is the Ready Steady Programme?

Who is it for?

If you are over 11 years old with a long-term conditions.

What is it?

A programme which will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to manage your condition better.


Ready Steady Go aims to improves long-term outcomes and helps you gain confidence and skills to move on to adult services.

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Alison Shepherd
Well Child Nurse
Tel: 01229 402700

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