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Cumbria's Children's Centres

What is a Children's Centre?

Cumbria Children’s Centres are here for the whole family. The Children's Centres offer a range of activities and services for children and their families, to give every child the best start in life. They offer the right help at the right time so that families feel confident, safe, healthy and happy.

Who are Children's Centres for?

The Children’s Centres are open to anyone living in Cumbria who are pregnant or who are caring for a young child. This could be a mum, dad, carer, grandparent, foster carer or childminder.

What do Children's Centres offer?

The Centres have developed a complete range of activities and services for young children, their families, carers and pregnant women to meet the individual needs of each centres community. All the services the centres provide are free. The services are inclusive for children and parents with additional needs. They work closely with health professionals, nurseries, schools and other agencies and services to provide a wide range of support.

Contacting your local Children's Centre

You can simply pop into your local children's centre for support and advice, or visit the links on the right-hand side of this page which will take you to the contact details of our Children's Centres.  The record links on the right-hand side also have downloadable activity newsletters and documents so that you know 'what's on' in your local area.

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